Construction Management Hits Major Milestone

After several years of steady enrollment growth, continual academic progress, and increased industry recognition, the Construction Management program has achieved a major milestone by becoming the fourth department in the UH College of Technology. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board approved the creation of the Department of Construction Management on July 3, 2013. 

In response to overwhelming requests from the construction industry and energy and industrial companies in Houston for a specialized curriculum, the University of Houston created the first Process and Industrial Construction Management program in the nation. Since 2010, companies have contributed heavily to curriculum development, continued to provide instructors for the specialty courses, and offered major financial support to the program.

The department has several ambitious goals that include being the signature program for estimators, enhancing the research programs, and inviting eminent scholars to collaborate firsthand with faculty and graduate students. 

“Every highly regarded construction management program has major industry supporters, and the industry advisory board member companies represent the key supporters of our establishing the Construction Management Department, said Dr. Neil Eldin, the department chair. “I am grateful to our advisory board, Dean Fitzgibbon, and our remarkable team of faculty and staff, for their phenomenal efforts and commitment to success.”