Delphians Award Grant to Engineering Technology

For the 11th time since 1988, the Houston Assembly of Delphian Chapters awarded a grant to a College of Technology program. At a luncheon earlier this month, $1,000 was presented to Dean William Fitzgibbon and Engineering Technology department chair Dr. Heidar Malki towards the purchase of a Samsung Series 7 Slate PC Tablet.

The tablet will be utilized by instructors in the ET Department, particularly within Computer Engineering Technology, one of the largest majors in the college, which offers three sections of C++ programming. This new equipment will allow the instructor to draw and answer students’ questions by writing programs on the spot that complement the Power Point presentations already delivered in the course. Additionally, the PC tablet could be utilized in other courses taught in the department in areas of Electrical Power Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology and Network Communications.

"This funding from the Houston Assembly of Delphian Chapters supports our mission to improve the educational experience for our students by incorporating current technologies," said Fitzgibbon. "We appreciate the continued generosity of the Delphians to the college throughout the years."

The Delphians have a long-standing history of providing scholarship funding to students at the University of Houston in addition to the departmental grants presented each spring. For more information, visit