Research Symposium Sparks Technology Innovation

The UH College of Technology hosted the second annual Undergraduate Research Symposium on Friday, December 7.

With great pride, Computer Engineering Technology seniors leveraged this opportunity to demonstrate their technical knowledge in real world applications. Their forward-thinking proposals and prototypes spanned diverse range technologies in several industry applications – from medical to automotive, energy, security, and fire safety. Organizers Victor Gallardo, Instructional Manager for the engineering technology labs, and Dr. Mequanint Moges, Instructional Associate Professor, advised students' work involving electrical and digital system design, microprocessor architecture, embedded systems, sensor applications, and computer networks.

"The quality of the engineering technology senior projects improves every year," said Dr. Heidar Malki, Chair, Engineering Technology Department. "We are proud of our students' accomplishments and their ideas as they gain valuable skills and knowledge necessary to effectively compete in the job market."

Featured guest speaker Dr. Paul Jukes, President of MCS Kenny in Houston, is an expert in advanced design analyses in the oil and gas industry. Jukes began his presentation by openly sharing the story of his humble beginnings and the drive to succeed despite the odds. In addition, he took time to offer insight and life-learned lessons that lead to success. "There is no short measure to success in life," said Dr. Jukes. "Strive for excellence because the way you do the small things drives the way you do everything. "Have passion and purpose and 'super-size' your vision," he said.

Selected team videos are available on YouTube:

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