RAD Donates $55K of Networking Equipment to AT&T Lab in the College of Technology

RAD Data Communications is sowing the seeds for the next generation of telecommunications and data communications network engineers. As part of its ongoing effort to promote excellence in the physical sciences, RAD has donated $55,000 worth of its ETX-202A™ advanced Ethernet demarcation devices to the AT&T Lab of the College of Technology at the University of Houston.

RAD Data Communications has achieved international recognition as a major manufacturer of high quality access and backhaul equipment for data communications and telecommunications applications. RAD's ETX devices will assist aspiring network engineers at UH, undergraduate and graduate alike, to gain insight and first-hand experience with the latest advances in traffic engineering, performance management and OAM, timing and synchronization, and other evolving capabilities of packet-switched networks. These are some of the critical capabilities for carriers, service providers, enterprises, academic and medical institutions, and utility and transportation entities as they confidently and profitably roll out next-generation networks.

"RAD recognizes the important role that industry must play in the development of our nation's future generations of innovators and thinkers," said Uri Zilberman, President of RAD Data Communications, Inc. "Speaking from personal experience, this kind of exposure and interaction with leading-edge technology can have tremendous positive impact on the ambitions and intellectual development of upcoming engineers. In fact, its potential impact can reach far beyond the immediate experience of the students and the laboratory environment."

Dr. Driss Benhaddou, Associate Professor of Engineering Technology, echoed Mr. Zilberman's sentiment, saying, "We greatly appreciate RAD's generous donation and applaud their standing as exemplary corporate citizens. In today's economic environment it is critically important that members from across different communities – in this case, academic and corporate – come together to work toward a common purpose."