UH Undergraduate Research Day features groundbreaking innovations of COT Students

Coordinated by the Office of Undergraduate Research and The Honors College, the seventh annual Undergraduate Research Day was held October 13 on campus. Five collaborative teams from the College of Technology and College of Architecture participated among more than 100 poster presentations by undergraduates from a wide range of colleges and disciplines.

The "MyVoice" team won a poster prize for their research collaboration. Team members included Computer Engineering Technology (CET) students Jose Gonzalez, Jeffrey Seto, Alan Tran, and Anthony Tran, and Industrial Design students Sergio Aleman Jr., Ya-Han Chen, and Rick Salinas. Their advisors are Farrokh Attarzadeh, PhD, associate professor of engineering technology and industrial design associate professor and director of the Industrial Design Program, EunSook Kwon.

A visual recognition system, MyVoice provides a communication device designed to bridge the gap between American Sign Language users and the hearing community. The system uses a camera to capture gestures and then interfaces with a computer that will process the images. The software translates the gestures to predefine the words, letters and phrases. The computer provides voice feedback between individuals in the conversation. The project was funded by the UH Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).

Other featured ELET 4208/INDS 4500 senior class projects included a carbon dioxide monitoring system, smart tracking intuitive cane, automatic temperature adjuster, and eFridge.

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