The University of Houston's Northwest Campus

The University of Houston is continuing its drive to expand its presence in Northwest Houston. The UH Northwest Campus is a satellite campus for the University of Houston that allows students to complete selected undergraduate degrees (upper-division coursework only), graduate degrees, and certificate programs. Courses are offered at the Northwest Campus that will lead to College of Technology Bachelor of Science degrees in Consumer Science and Merchandising, Logistics and Supply Chain Technology, and Organizational Leadership and Supervision, as well as Master of Science degrees in Human Resource Development or Technology Project Management.

The campus is located at the former HP campus on SH249 at Louetta. Leading the College of Technology's initiative at both the Northwest and Sugar Land campuses will be Assistant Dean of Outreach, Jerry Pyka, who was recently promoted from Program Manager with the Department of Information and Logistics Technology at the College of Technology to serve in a joint appointment with the Department of Educational Technology and Outreach and the College of Technology.

For over twenty-five years Mr. Pyka has been involved in adult education and management. While in the petroleum industry he developed and provided training to new employees in the oil service industry. Mr. Pyka later moved to the aerospace industry where he led and managed corporate quality, including training programs for a major NASA subcontractor. He is presently completing a doctoral degree in Educational Administration with the University of Houston.

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