Innovative Inter-College Collaborative Course Highlights Form and Function of Technological Innovation

On December 9, 2010, students in the Computer Engineering Technology program at the College of Technology and the Industrial Design program at the College of Architecture presented their collaborative research projects during an open house reception at the College of Architecture gallery. The projects were sponsored by a grant through the UH-Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) in the office of Learning through Discovery. This innovative collaboration brought together students from the two colleges to work as a team on a design project whereby a functioning prototype was visually refined to increase its appeal to potential consumers, just as a product is designed for the marketplace in corporations today.

The four projects included in the gallery show were: Saturation Controlled Oxygen Regulator, Contego Security Bag, Smart ePants Diaper Monitoring system, and Automobile Smart Glass Control system.

Faculty sponsors for the project were Dr. Farrokh Attarzadeh, Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering Technology at the College of Technology and Dr. EunSook Kwon, Associate Professor at the College of Architecture. For photos of the event, including many of the projects and teams, visit the College of Technology's Facebook page at, article titled ID and ET.