Research symposium inspires students to be technology entrepreneurs of the future

The UH College of Technology and the G.D. Hines College of Architecture hosted their first collaborative Undergraduate Research Symposium, "Technology Entrepreneurs – Agents of Cultural Change," Friday, December 2 on the grounds of the UH College of Technology and the G.D. Hines Architecture Buildings. Computer Engineering Technology and Industrial Design undergraduate students presented more than 80 project prototypes, demonstrations, exhibits, and simulations involving electrical and digital system design, microprocessor architecture, embedded systems, sensor applications, computer networks, and industrial design.

"This proved to be an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas about engineering technology and industrial design education, learn innovative new methods for preparing the next generation of engineering technologist and industrial designers," said Dr. Farrokh Attarzadeh, Undergraduate Research Symposium Chair.

The College's undergraduate students showed extreme pride in this opportunity to demonstrate their technical knowledge using real world applications. From prototypes of an interactive refrigerator to smart tracking intuitive canes, air quality controllers, and computer vision for the blind, students' achievements were clearly displayed in a wide-ranging spectrum of technologies.

"One of my most memorable times as an undergraduate student was in creating my undergraduate project," said Dr. Heidar Malki, Chair, Engineering Technology Department. "Not only are these projects important to earning a degree, but they will prove to be very important in future career success," he said.

In his presentation, Kemal Farid, President, CEO and Founder of Merrick Systems, Inc. emphasized that a sustainable competitive advantage is built through identifying cultural change, examining future trends, and figuring out how to a solve problem in a new way. He shared that his senior project was the basis for the software developed by his company. Farid had looked at major changes going on in technology and thought about how to solve business problems for energy companies.

"Look for your passage and follow it", he encouraged. "Take time to stop and think about what you really want to do for the world, invest in it, keep moving forward, and remain dedicated to it."