UH's Futres Studies Program Honored by the Society of Police Futurists International

The Society of Police Futurists International (PFI) has awarded the University of Houston's Futures program the 2010 Innovation Award for its work in the Strategic Foresight Certificate. PFI is a professional, education-focused non-profit dedicated to improving the police profession through the use of foresight.

Last year, PFI instituted an Innovation Award to recognize an individual or group who has creatively or effectively promoted the use of futures thinking and/or methodology as it applies to the advancement of policing in the 21st Century. The Strategic Foresight Certificate is a 5-day project based workshop that provides professionals with the tools to help navigate today’s constantly changing business environment and create a positive future for their companies and themselves.

The award will be presented at the annual PFI meeting on July 8th.

For more information on the Futures Studies program and the Strategic Foresight Certificate, visit, http://www.tech.uh.edu/Programs/Futures_Studies/

About the Award