Fifth Annual Undergraduate Research Day

Nine College of Technology students participated in the 5th annual Undergraduate Research Day held in the Rockwell Pavilion on October 1, 2009. Nearly 100 UH students displayed posters in the event. The student presenters included participants from this past summer’s Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program and other undergraduates who conducted substantive research projects within the last year.

The College of Technology students who presented, their majors and project titles follow:

Justin Loop,
Engineering Technology,
Wireless Smart Heart Monitoring System

Jade Sargeon and Team,
Engineering Technology,
Remote Operated Vehicle

Ana Ramirez and Team,
Engineering Technology,
Smart Crib

Nicholas Valenzuela,
Engineering Technology,
Automated Prototype Generation for Multi-Color Karyotyping

Sparsh Varma,
Human Development and Consumer Science,
Investigating Trainers’ Workplace Methods for Learning about Transfer

Chelsea Coffey,
Human Development and Consumer Science,
The Impact of Thin Celebrity Images on Postpartum Body Image and Appearance Management Behavior

Melissa McWhirter,
Information and Logistics Technology,
Impact of Perishable Products’ Inventory Policies on Retailer’s Profits

Colby Kibbe,
Information and Logistics Technology,
Researching the Impact of 20th Century Printing Equipment for Potential Acquisition by the Museum of Printing History

Matthew Johnson and Team,
Information and Logistics Technology,
Digital Camera

For more information about undergraduate research, please visit the Undergraduate Research Website.