Hutchins Wins Teaching Excellence Award

Continuing with the HDCS tradition of teaching excellence, Dr. Holly Hutchins was the most recent recipient of the University of Houston Teaching Excellence Award. Dr. Hutchins also won the 2008 Fluor Award for Teaching Excellence from the College of Technology. Her uncanny ability to break down complex ideas into manageable concepts and her radiating warmth that puts everyone she meets at ease has earned her a spot in the hearts and minds of her students and colleagues.

For all her work with charitable efforts to build the department's endowment, relationships with industry partners and aiding students with securing high quality internships, Dr. Shirley Ezell was awarded the 2008 Fluor Award for Excellence in Service from the College of Technology.

Other HDCS faculty and staff that have been recognized for their work include, Dr. Barbara Stewart, who was awarded with the University distance-learning teaching excellence award and the Fluor Awards for Teaching and Research Excellence, Dr. Marcella Norwood and Dr. Consuelo Waight, who garnered both the College‘s Fluor Award for Teaching Excellence and the University's Teaching Excellence Award. Administrative Coordinator, Elizabeth Reilly, received the Fluor Award for Staff Excellence in 2007.

The Faculty Award Program of the College of Technology is an opportunity to showcase outstanding faculty to the University and the business community.