Dr. William Fitzgibbon Mathematical Sciences Foundation Visiting Scholar

Dr. William Fitzgibbon, Dean of the College of Technology, has been invited to participate as a visiting scholar in a prestigious mathematical program at the University of Delhi. Dr. Fitzgibbon will travel to India in February to work with undergraduate students and faculty at Lady Shri Ram College, one of India’s highest-ranked colleges in undergraduate education in the humanities, social sciences and mathematics.

The visiting scholar program, known as "From a Life of Mathematics," is sponsored by the Mathematical Sciences Foundation, a nonprofit organization in India that encourages enrollment in higher education institutions by highlighting the fundamental role of mathematics throughout society. Over a period of three days, Dr. Fitzgibbon will meet informally with students, participate in workshops involving both faculty and undergraduates, and speak on his own research and working experiences with other mathematicians. Past visitors under this program include Ken Ross, Henry Helson, M. S. Narasimhan, Peter Fillmore (former President of the Canadian Mathematical Society), and Sir Michael Atiyah, recipient of both the Abel Prize and Fields Medal in Mathematics.