Dr. Deniz Gurkan and UH AT&T Lab Manager Sergio Chacon visit AT&T Labs in NJ

Dr. Deniz Gurkan, Assistant Professor, and Sergio Chacón, UH AT&T Lab Manager, have been invited to attend the University Collaboration Symposium 2008 at the prestigious AT&T Labs in Morristown, New Jersey, previously known as Bell Labs.

Two research projects from faculty of the University of Houston College of Technology were presented in the symposium (see pdf of agenda): "FT-DAS: Fault Tolerance Data Aggregation Scheduling for Tree Networks" by Dr. Xiaojing Yuan and Haoying Liu and "Optical Layer Measurements" by Dr. Deniz Gurkan and R. Krishnappa. With this visit to the AT&T Labs, the University of Houston and, more specifically, the College of Technology plans to augment its research collaborations with its partner AT&T.