COT visit AT&T Labs in Austin, Texas

Faculty, staff and graduate students from the University of Houston College of Technology and the Computer Science Department visited the prestigious AT&T Labs in Austin, Texas. During the visit, Mr. David Dees, Director of the AT&T Labs in Austin, introduced the visitors to on-going research projects in the areas of IPTV, VoIP, Speech Recognition, Cellular and Human Factors to name a few. Future plans to further research collaborations between the ATT Labs and University of Houston were discussed.

AT&T Labs - Research is one of the premier telecommunications laboratories in the world, leading research in the frontiers of science from the invention of new communications concepts and tools to the incubation of new services. Building on over 80 years of leadership across all areas of communications, we continue to produce innovative technology that differentiates AT&T's services and operations.

ATT Lab researchers have made groundbreaking advances in technologies such as voice recognition, text-to-speech, network management, wireless systems, security, network architecture, software systems and tools, and information mining, management and visualization. Its research team helps to continually refine one of the world's largest and most productive data repositories thereby improving the communications experience of our customers. Their technical expertise and knowledge of network design and optimization give them an unsurpassed ability to create innovative new network services and enhance AT&T's own operations. They have also advanced the state of the art of speech and VoIP technologies helping to keep AT&T on the cutting edge of new services.

For more information about the ATT Labs in Austin, visit their website.