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Programs & Degrees

Bachelor of Science Degrees

The Department of Information and Logistics Technology offers the following Bachelor of Science degrees:

Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) program addresses the demands of a dynamic and integral part of business and industry – the Information Systems environment. The program challenges students to extend their reach into small to medium-size organizations and develop real-world application solutions. As a graduate of the CIS program, you will emerge prepared for a variety of careers including software systems development, e-commerce, and network administration.

The B.S. in Computer Information Systems from UH is one of the two university programs in Texas that is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology).

Bachelor of Science in Digital Media

The UH Digital Media program prepares technologically perceptive leaders for this multi-faceted and ever-changing profession. Students gain competencies in various graphic-related technologies as well as a broad background in leadership and supervision in one of the largest industries in the United States. As a graduates of the program, you will discover a broad range of options for a career in digital and video production, publishing, content marketing, social media and social networking, E-commerce, web design, and other rapidly growing areas in our evolving digital world.

Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and Supervision

The Organizational Leadership and Supervision (OLS) program focuses on providing individuals with a competitive advantage when moving into leadership and supervisory roles.

The program investigates the rapidly changing and complex nature of leadership in organizations. The OLS degree provides a long term, empowering approach to the practice of leading people rather than the short term, command and control approach to utilizing human resources.

Students gain the tools and knowledge to learn about leadership, the importance of organizational vision and values, developing human resources, and managing technological resources in corporate, government, or community organizations. In addition to leadership, you will learn skills in goal-setting, time management, and verbal and visual communication using real-world applications.

Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain and Logistics Technology

The Supply Chain and Logistics Technology major offers a broad array of career paths with global opportunities. Choose from four basic academic tracks:

  • Operations provides knowledge for a domestic and international career in sales, marketing and operations.
  • Systems Management provides a technology oriented focus with a strong analytical approach designed to achieve optimum solutions to complex supply chain/logistics problems.
  • Global Logistics provides in-depth analysis in international logistics and its role in the supply chain with a focus on maritime attributes and activities.
  • Directed Emphasis is designed for community college transfer students whose colleges have an articulation agreement with the University of Houston.

Master of Science Degrees

The Department of Information and Logistics Technology offers the following Master of Science degrees:

Master of Science Information System Security

The Master of Science degree in Information System Security is a hands-on program designed specifically to prepare individuals for responsible leadership roles in the technology-based and information-based workplaces. Designed for working professionals, this two-year program connects theory and experiential learning to equip technology professionals with the skills to assess the security needs of information systems and then to lead and manage the implementation and maintenance of the recommended security solutions.

Recognized by the Project Management Institute, the program includes key management skills within the project management framework. Coupled with the Center for Information Security Research and Education, the program offers you an opportunity to participate in innovative applied research. This program is also recognized under the National Security Agency/Department of Homeland Security Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education program, specifically: CNS 4011, 4014e and 4016e.

Master of Science Supply Chain and Logistics Technology

With a Master of Science degree in Supply Chain and Logistics Technology, you will emerge with the right skills and knowledge in logistics, inventory management, transportation, sales, and procurement. Graduates of our program fill vital management and supervisory roles in a wide range of industries, with job titles such as procurement manager, distribution manager, logistics engineer, logistics analyst, logistics consultant and logistics manager.

Master of Science Technology Project Management

The ability to plan and manage technology projects is an increasingly important skill for those with a technical background. The Master of Science degree in Technology Project Management prepares individuals for leadership roles in technology-driven workplaces.

Core courses provide in-depth preparation in project management skills complemented by a directed area of study to allow graduate students the opportunity to focus in an area of specialization.