Outlook is published by the Human Development and Consumer Sciences Department as a means of informing the HDCS community about departmental and campus news.

Inside the Fall 2014 issue:


  • Swanson New Director of Strategic Foresight at Knowledge Works
  • Cecily Sommers Joins Foresight Program Advisory Board
  • Student Needs 2025+ Future Skills
  • Live From Orlando...It is the "Best of Houston"
  • Foresight Presents at Luminia Foundation

Human Resource Development

  • ExHRD Master’s Degree Program Welcomes Incoming Leaders of Change
  • Saiz Targets Industry Employees
  • Organizational Development Skills Foster Successful Company in India
  • Leadership and H.E.A.R.T. Go Hand in Hand
  • Hutchins Attends UH's ADVANCE Kick Off
  • NASA Retiree Teaches in the HRD Programs
  • Active Fall Semester for SSHRD
  • Congratulations to Brian Herod

Retailing and Consumer Science

  • Passion for Men’s Apparel Leads E-tailer to the University of Houston
  • Impact of Consumer-Created Content on Big Data Explored
  • Pak Enhances Education with Dual Masters Degrees from the College of Technology
  • From Houston to New York City
  • Demski Makes Top Ten in National Retail Federation Holiday Card Design Contest
  • Design Inspirations Comes from Everything