Human Development & Consumer Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Human Development and Consumer Sciences at the University of Houston!

Our vision is to challenge our students to be innovators in the marketplace and to be a leading center for scholarship and creative teaching and research. We are fortunate to be a vital part of a major retailing city that also values the importance of educating their workforce and investing in their human resources. We are an integral part of our city focusing our scholarship and talents toward enriching the lives of our students and contributing to the educational needs of the future.

Our extraordinary strengths:

  • Exceptionally talented and interested students
  • Unique relationships with business partners, which leads to diverse internships, careers, and research opportunities for students
  • Engaging faculty who have executive and professional experience and believe in student potential for success
  • Dynamic city location that provides a rich cultural backdrop as a learning laboratory for our lives with professional employment opportunities
  • Exciting majors that inspire students to participate in our technology-rich learning community
  • Ongoing integration of future-oriented programs

Our Programs

Masters Programs

Bachelors Programs

Certificate Programs

Our graduates go on to a wide range of exciting careers in Retailing and Consumer Science and careers in Human Resource Development.

Students stay in touch with the job market through our Advisory Board in Foresight, Advisory Board in Retailing and Consumer Science and Advisory Board in Human Resource Development.

Students and faculty may seek learning assistance at Instructional Support Services in the Isabel Cameron building

The majority of the courses are presented in the Isabel Cameron building. Many courses in Retailing and Consumer Science are offered online via eRCS. The Human Resource Development program is also planning to be offered fully online in the coming year. All courses in Foresight are offered simultaneously on campus and online through web-based teleconference facilities.