Undergraduate Advising - College of Technology - University of Houston
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Undergraduate Advising

Academic advisors for undergraduate students are located in each academic department. If you are a graduate student, please email cotgrad@uh.edu for assistance.

Who Can Advise Me?

Academic Advisors
(all students except honor students and student athletes)

Mario McCoy, UH Sugar Land campus
Phone: 713-743-2994
Email: mcmccoy2@central.uh.edu

Honor Students and Student Athletes Advisor

Carlo Deason
Phone: 713-743-4712
Email: cdeason@uh.edu

Program Coordinators

Driss Benhaddou, Computer Engineering Technology
Phone: 713-743-4040
Email: dbenhaddou@uh.edu

Medhat El Nahas, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Phone: 713-743-4040
Email: mel-nahas@uh.edu

Brian Iken, Biotechnology
Phone: 713-743-4040
Email: bniken@uh.edu

Wajiha Shireen, Electrical Power Engineering Technology
Phone: 713-743-4040
Email: wshireen@uh.edu

Department Chair

Wajiha Shireen
Phone: 713-743-4040
Email: wshireen@uh.edu

Where Do I Go for Advising?

Department of Engineering Technology Main Office

College of Technology Building (T2), Room 304
Walk-in Hours: 10:00 AM-3:00 PM

What to Bring:

Students are expected to bring the course sequence chart for their major for all appointments and walk-ins. The chart should indicate the courses already completed (marked with an "X"), it should show the courses you are taking this semester, and it should indicate which courses you plan to take next semester.

Can I Schedule an Appointment?

You may email any of the above contacts to schedule an appointment. Please attach a copy of the course sequence chart, as described above, to the email. You may also email any of the above contacts with your general questions or concerns.

How Do I File a Petition?

  1. Complete the General Petition form.
  2. Prepare a copy of your course sequence chart, as described above under the "What to Bring" heading.
  3. Email the completed petition form, your marked up course sequence and the course syllabus for the subject course/courses to any of the above contacts.

The submission of your petition does not guarantee its approval. It is recommended that you start this process at the earliest possible date. To expedite your request, please make sure you complete all the required information on the form, clearly state your request/justification and attach any other necessary documentation.

Please note that the petition approval cycle includes departmental review, Dean's review, and Provost's review. We appreciate your patience.