Programs & Degrees

Department of Engineering Technology

Bachelor of Science Degrees

The Department of Engineering Technology at the College of Technology offers the following Bachelor of Science degrees:

  • Biotechnology - Combines biological disciplines like genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, embryology and cell biology with technical disciplines like chemical engineering, information technology, and robotics.
  • Computer Engineering Technology - Builds expertise in of digital circuits, microcomputer architecture and systems design. It also covers software development for these microcomputers that is now so much a part of microcomputer technology.
  • Electrical Power Engineering Technology - Design, analyze and improve computer-based power generation, delivery, and end user systems. Study electrical motors and generators and their computer based controls, as well as alternative energy sources.
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology - Courses directed at both computer-aided manufacturing and computer-aided design and drafting. Individuals interested in manufacturing technology apply fundamental principles of mechanical design and manufacturing processes to new and existing manufacturing systems.

Master of Science Degrees

The Department of Engineering Technology at the College of Technology offers the following Master of Science degrees:

  • Engineering Technology - Biotechnology Track - This program focuses on bioprocessing, protein engineering, computational biology, and federal regulations. Designed to help prepare individuals to conduct or supervise research and development in biotechnology or biomedical fields. This degree is a highly inter- and multi-disciplinary field that defines interdisciplinary education and research in the 21st century.
  • Engineering Technology - Mechanical Engineering Technology Track - Provides an integrated multi-disciplinary program designed to prepare individuals with practical and theoretical skills in Technology with a focus in applied Mechanical Engineering. This relationship facilitates the translation of research findings to meet current industry needs.
  • Engineering Technology - Network Communications Track - Provides an advanced knowledge of communication between and within computer networks, including data processing in the network environment, network operations software and operating systems, and communication systems.