Participating at the Offshore Technology Conference

2015 Offshore Technology Conference

Every year since 2008 the PTI is engaging academia experts and students to manage the booth and arrange for special events at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) to highlight the University of Houston College of Technology and its energy related programs.

The 2015 OTC is scheduled for May 4-7, 2015 at Reliant Center in Houston, and it is a not to be missed oil and gas industry event attended by 100,000+ energy industry professionals.

The best industry related students’ projects - models and/or posters - are displayed at our OTC booth! If you are a Student, consider volunteering, learning about the industry, networking with oil and gas industry professionals, and /or demonstrate your accomplishments - your project model and/or poster. Sign up below!

During the OTC-2014 thousands professionals had a chance to see our booth, more than 300 of them stopped to ask students and professors their questions regarding UH, College of Technology and PTI programs, and students’ projects. Many offered their support.

Here is what John H., Student - Research Assistant, has to say:

"Last year I was volunteering for PTI during the OTC. At our booth we displayed student hand-built scooter, ROV model, and more than ten posters on student projects. The projects working models and posters attracted a lot of attention from the industry professionals. They asked many questions and sometimes offered help such as sponsorship, providing parts and materials, mentoring the project team, and/or professional expertise. I personally spoke with several people who offered their company support and /or described their company need to build and test some model and requested help from students.

I think students who are about to take Senior Design 1 in the fall, or students taking Senior Design 1 now, during Spring Semester, would benefit the most from volunteering with PTI at the OTC. You may get lucky and find some support, and maybe your future career."

Start building your professional expertise while in College!

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