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  • June

    • June 30, 2014
      The UH PTI Certificate Custom Designed Technical Program "Global oil and gas industry value chain - focus on pipelines. Part I" for representatives from Russian National University of Mines is successfully completed! We expect this University management team visit during the 2014 fall semester, and would be delighted to discuss further cooperation with this widely recognized world-class Russian school.
    • June 20, 2014
      The PTI Team and National Mineral Resources University representatives from Russia visited the UH Center for Petroleum Geochemistry. Dr. Bissada, Director of the Center, gave us a tour with great explanations of the main processes and importance of having full suite of special equipment and laboratory tools serving the oil and gas industry needs in a wide range of petroleum system, reservoir characterization and petroleum phase behavior studies, as well as in climate, environment and archeology projects.
    • June 20, 2014
      The PTI Team and students visit DeepFlex Inc. in Houston to learn about design, manufacture and deployment of nonmetallic and hybrid composite unbonded flexible pipes used for some of the world's most challenging subsea oil and gas production environments, well intervention, deepwater operations, subsea mining, and a broad range of other applications where high-strength, lightweight composite pipes provide significant value.
    • June 19 2014
      The PTI Team students group visited Oil State Industries, Inc. at their Houston East Orem's facility manufacturing heavy duty pipe and pipeline accessories and repair equipment. Also, the Company is providing different services to the oil and gas industry, such as design, repair, maintaining and constructing subsea pipelines related structures for major operating companies. We met young engineers who worked on the equipment design using 3D software tools. Also, we learned that this June two (2) UH College of Technology graduates were hired by Oil States Inc. Accompany us next time!
    • June 11, 2014
      The PTI Team and students visited the JSW Steel (USA) Inc. located in Baytown, Texas. This company is capable of producing annually 1,200,000 tons of up to 160" wide steel plates and 500,000 tons of double joint rolled pipes with OD=24"-48", and applying external FBE, ARO and internal protective coating.
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