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Mooring Video E-book Launch
Petroleum Technology Expert Series Dinner
UH PTI COT exhibit at the 2014 Offshore Technology Conference
UH Certificate Course: Petroleum Industry Value Chain - Offshore Focus

April 2014

April 15 - Register for Petroleum Industry Expert Series dinner - event! Registration & Networking: 5:30 p.m. followed by Dinner and Program at Hilton University of Houston - Shamrock Ballroom

April 3 - Successful meeting to collaborate with American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE) UH Student Chapter,

March 2014

March 11-13 - 2.5 day Specialty Course "The Energy Rubber Group - UH Oilfield Technology Seminar"

March 10-14 - Camp RED took place at Halliburton Houston Technology Center... read more

PTI Camp Red Spring 2014

March 1 - Saturday, March 1, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm (Cullen College of Engineering, Room W 122) - the PTI lecture "Petroleum Industry Value chain - focus on Service Companies"

January 2014

Jan 24 - Jack Christiansen, director of the Petroleum Technology Initiative in the University of Houston’s College of Technology, has been named winner of the Ross Kastor Educators Award from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Read more at

December 2013

Dec 15 - In the 2013 Year Book the Energy Rubber Group (ERG) is publishing the ‘ERG e-Book’ article-interview with Dr. Edmee Files, Advisor, elastomers and oilfield sealing materials subject matter expert, with a story about PTI and ERG collaboration in creating an in-company e-book (Phase I), then transforming it into web-accessible knowledge engine allowing each member to use a huge ERG accumulated data at the fingertips for daily use.

Dec 10 - PTI presents UH Certificate custom designed program to the executive team of Mexico's state oil company PEMEX – fifth largest crude oil producer worldwide.

Dec 6 - National Mineral Resources University – University of Mines, Russian Federation, signed the Agreement of collaboration with UH College of Technology Petroleum Technology Initiative.

Dec 2 - The UH Chapter of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) - General Meeting focusing on work process and careers with civil engineering companies in Texas and nationwide. Galina Sheridan, Deputy Director, introduced the PTI mission, programs, and networking events welcoming all UH students to get involved, learn about the energy industry career opportunities for civil engineers working on large Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects around the world.

November 2013

Nov 21 - The UH Chapter of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) has the Third General Meeting. Guest Speakers from Chevron: Mr. Robert Hulett and Mr. Bhavnesh Bkhakta presented the ‘Major Capital Projects’ and ‘Chevron Project Management System’, adapted by the industry as the most effective. They also discussed with participants some professional opportunities for Petroleum Engineering Program graduates.

Galina Sheridan, Deputy Director PTI, spoke about the Petroleum Technology Program mission and special events, equally beneficial for the UH students, energy industry professionals, and companies.

Nov 20 - PTI collaboration with the UH Professional Society Student Chapters: met and discussed the Student Chapters mission, current activities, collaboration, and plans for the future with Ms. Zarina Hudaybergenova, President, UH Chapter of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) , and Mr. Sebastian Hernandez, President, UH Chapter of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE),  

Nov 14 - 6:00 - 7:00 PM Planned INTECSEA professional career event

Nov 13 - Participating in the DeepStar Technology Forum "Risk Mitigation and Improved Safety Through Execution of Collaborative Technologies",

Nov 11 - College of Technology, PTI and Petroleum Engineering Program are hosting an international meeting with 14 representatives from PetroChina  CoalBed Methane Company. 

Nov 6 - Petroleum Industry Expert Series - students develop oil and gas industry networking experience event with Keynote Speaker: Kurt Albaugh, P.E., REPSOL certified Professional Engineer with more than 39 years of international and domestic oil and gas experience, presenting the ‘Offshore Deep and Ultra-Deepwater Field Development Projects and Subsea Architectures’, Dinner & Program took place at the UH Hilton Waldorf Astoria Ballroom, and more than 130 students from Colleges of Technology, Engineering, Math and Natural Science, Law, Business registered and attended the event. Based on the feedback from participants, the event was greatly successful. Read more at

October 2013

Oct 25 - PTI collaboration with the UH Professional Society Student Chapters: meeting with Ms. Sandra Juarez, Chair, UH Chapter - American Society of Manufacturing Engineers, to discuss Chapter mission, current activities, collaboration, and plans for the future.

Oct 16 - Poster: ‘Mooring Systems for Offshore Floating Installations’ is published in the Offshore Magazine October 2013 issue: .  Also, it is posted on the website at: 2013 Mooring Systems For Offshore Floating Installations

Oct 14 - PTI collaboration with the UH Professional Society Student Chapters: meeting with Mr. Huy Quach, President, UH Chapter - American Society of Field Engineers, to discuss Chapter mission, current activities, collaboration, and plans for the future.

Oct 10 - PTI Management Team is visiting Texas State University in San Marcos to discuss collaboration, see newly built facilities and STAR building, learn about lunched Ph.D. program in Material Science, Engineering and Commercialization.

Professor Christiansen presented the Overview of the Petroleum Industry from operators prospective to the PhD students. G. Sheridan discussed with the group a career strategy in oil and gas engineering and service companies. They met Dr. Powell, Dr. Beall, Dr. Holtz, Dr. Myers to discuss potential cooperation.

October 10

Oct 5 - PTI Team meets industry expert to discuss strategy and start working on the Mooring Systems video-E-book for Offshore Magazine.

Oct 4 - Final day of the PTI Camp DRIL-QUIP was memorable! Students had a great learning experience with a plant tour around manufacturing facilities followed by an interactive session on subsea connectors. The day ended with certificate award to each participant and a warm thanks-giving by students to the Dril-Quip Company team.

October 4

September 2013

Sept 28 - Poster ‘Mooring Systems for Offshore Floating Installations’ – Full version – Technical Committee final review before publishing.

Sept 27 - The Second day of the PTI Camp DRIL-QUIP was the day of opportunity. With Dril-Quip Company planning to hire for full time and interns positions, student resumes were collected by the team of recruiters. Students also gained valuable industry knowledge on specialty casing connectors and wellheads. The day concluded with series of technical videos and discussions about functioning, reliability, and safety of subsea equipment, drilling facilities, their components and applications.

Sept 20 - First day of the PTI Camp DRIL-QUIP was very exciting! This Fall Semester the UH Technology and Engineering students demonstrated a lot of interest in this PTI Camp. 48 students are registered to visit Company and attend technical program on Sep 20, 27, and Oct 4. This Friday bring your resume with you!

Sept 19 - PTI students work at the 2013 Energy Rubber Group (ERG) Fall Technical meeting, demonstrate web-accessible E-Book on Elastomers, and first hand receive gratitude from the industry to the PTI team.

Sept 18 - Society for Underwater Technology discussed the "Career Development and our Universities" and university - industry collaboration during 2013 Subsea Technical Conference. The SUT members are supporting the  Petroleum Technology Programs and very interested in working with the University of Houston. 

Sept 17 - PTI team completed the web-accessible E-Book on Elastomers and lunched it on the Energy Rubber Group (ERG) website for the industry professionals to use. Project was conducted in close collaboration with ACS ERG.

August 2013

Aug 21-22 - Participating in IMarEST Offshore Oil & Gas Engineering Conference

Aug 16 - Petroleum Technology Initiative presentation to Industrial Advisory Board, College of Technology

June 2013

The June 2013 issue of World Oil magazine published, “University of Houston Program aims to Prepare Graduates for Real-world Work”. Article about PTI, see

May 2013

May 11 - Petroleum Technology Certificate awarded to five (5) UH graduates. Congratulations! Good luck with your new job in Petroleum Industry!

May 6-9 - Participating in the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), Houston, TX.

April 2013

April 16 - Petroleum Industry Expert Series Event, Hilton - University of Houston 

March 2013

Mar 11-15 - PTI Camp RED (Spring Semester), Halliburton Technology Center, Houston

Mar 18-20 - Participating in Unconventional reserves – Eagleford Conference, San Antonio

Mar 5-6 - Participating in Unconventional Geophysics Symposium, Houston

February 2013

Feb 27 - College of Technology Career Fair, University of Houston main campus

Feb 18-19 - Participating in Mudrocks Conference, Houston

Feb 14–May 8 - Conducting Advanced Exploration and Appraisal. Custom Designed Certificate Training Program for major operator executive team

January 2013

Jan 10 - Completed ERG E-Book (Phase - I)