Providing opportunity for students to work on the projects, conduct research, and demonstrate creativity, as well as knowledge of the energy industry, the PTI is offering service of creating an e-book for the companies and professional organizations.

Unlike traditional book-length publications in digital format, our e-books allow to transform large volumes of information, publications, and data into structured and well organized format of extreme simplicity and easy internal and/or external web-accessibility, making it just a few mouse-click away.

Accumulated during the years documentation and wealth of knowledge become a valuable asset to be utilized daily by each employee and team member.


The E-book created for operating company allows access to the following information:

  • About 10,000 (ten thousand) pages of documents and publications
  • 36 projects around the world
  • Seven technical glossaries
  • More than 80 videos
  • 17 Posters
  • More than 30 speakers’ presentations

For more information, please contact us.