Learn from the world's leading manufacturers of precision-engineered offshore drilling and production equipment

Fall Semester 2013 - For UH students only

Dril-QuipThe Dril-Quip Company designs and manufactures subsea, surface and offshore rig equipment for use by oil and gas companies in offshore areas throughout the world.

Drill-Quip is hosting a three-day subsea architecture and mechanical structures classes introducing applications and manufacturing technology, plant equipment and facilities, global links in logistics and procurement.

This camp is for technology and engineering undergraduate and graduate students interested in Petroleum Technology and specifics of the Floating Drilling and Completion Systems, Subsea Drilling and Completion Systems, and Wellhead Systems design and manufacturing; and deepwater, harsh environments and severe service applications.

Camp DRIL-QUIP – 2013 was hosted at the Company’s global headquarters during three Fridays in a row: September 20, 27, and October 4. This Fall Semester the UH Technology and Engineering students demonstrated a lot of interest. More than thirty students attended, and from their survey and feedback the Camp DRIL-QUIP was a big success!

Sept 20 - First day of Camp DRIL-QUIP was dedicated to learning industry terminology and applications, followed by team work with hands-on engineering problem solving, and competition! All students were encouraged to bring their resume with them the next Friday!

Sep 27 - The second Friday of the Camp DRIL-QUIP was the day of opportunities! Between morning and afternoon sessions the Dril-Quip Inc. Recruitment team came to talk to the students about open positions and plans to hire for full time and intern positions. They collected students’ resumes and gave their contact information. Also, students continued to gain valuable industry knowledge on specialty casing connectors and wellheads. The day concluded with a series of technical videos and discussions about functioning, reliability, and safety of subsea equipment, drilling facilities, their components and applications.

Oct 4 - The final day of the Camp DRIL-QUIP was very memorable for all! Students had a great learning experience with a plant tour of the manufacturing facilities followed by an interactive session on subsea connectors. It was fascinating to see how step-by-step through the sophisticated technological process of fabrication the raw metal forms become at the end engineered, highly accurate, gigantic subsea equipment, ready to be shipped to the customers around the world. This last day ended with certificate distribution, photo taking, and a warm thanks-giving by students to the Drill-Quip Inc. team.

We appreciate the expertise and professionalism of Mr. Michael Speer, industry expert and the Dril-Quip instructor, and his team. During the classes students learn not only about technical and business aspects, but also about his valuable work-related experience, and strong traditions and culture of the energy industry.

We hope to see you at the next PTI Camp DRIL-QUIP – 2014 during Fall Semester!