Successful completion of an approved internship is a graduation requirement. The internship program complements classroom learning by real-world construction industry work experience. The objective of the internship is to expose students to various construction management functions, such as estimating, scheduling, project controls, contract administration, safety, project coordination, and field operations.

Students must complete a minimum of 400 hours of verifiable work experience prior to enrolment in the internship course, CNST3185. Students must work for an approved employer. Government agencies are automatically approved as internship employers. Other employers must be pre-approved by the Chair of the Department of Construction Management. Working for an employer prior to departmental approval will result in denying the request to enroll in CNST 3185. The work experience must be in construction management, and strengthen the emphases of the CM curriculum. Namely, the experience should be in supervisory field operations, project controls, estimating, scheduling, cost control, or similar typical construction management activities. It should be noted that manual labor, trades work, technician jobs, manufacturing, sales, drafting, and other similar activities do NOT satisfy the work experience for this course. In addition, since the curriculum is focused only on large size commercial and industrial construction, work experience in residential construction and work experience with specialty contractors do NOT meet the internship requirement for this course. More details are provided in the Course Syllabus.

Enrollment Procedure

  1. Student must have his/her internship employer approved by the department prior to accepting an offer.
  2. Student must complete the prerequisite requirements, complete 400 hours of verifiable accepted work, and submit a proof of employment prior to enrolment in CNST 3185.
  3. Student contacts CM department using the online request form to initiate Intern Evaluation by the employer.
  4. Intern Evaluation Form must be submitted by the employer no later than July 31 for fall semester enrollment, and December 31 for spring semester enrollment.
  5. Once the Intern Evaluation Form is submitted by your employer, please contact Dr. Neil Eldin at to enroll in CNST3185. Once your request is approved, you will be added to the course.

Important Note

CNST3185 is an online course in which your communication with the instructor will be through Blackboard. It is your responsibility to review and adhere to due dates shown on the syllabus for submitting all course deliverables. Missing a deadline would result in missing the points associated with the subject deliverable.

Internship Requirements FAQs

The following questions and answers help you to understand the internship requirements and the enrollment procedure for CNST 3185.

What are the degree requirements regarding internship?

  1. You must complete 400 hours of approved work experience.
  2. You must work those hours for an approved employer. The approved employers list is available on the CM webpage. In addition, all government agencies are automatically approved as internship employers.
  3. Your internship work experience must be in one of two areas. Other functions/jobs/work does not satisfy the degree requirements. These two areas are:
    • Project Controls (i.e., estimating, cost control, planning and scheduling)
    • Supervisory Field Operations (i.e., field engineer, superintendent, project coordinator, and assistant construction/project manager).

How do I enroll in the Construction Experience Course (CNST 3185)?

  1. You must complete 400 hours of approved work before you can enroll in CNST 3185.
  2. Once you completed 400 hours, you contact the CM Department using the online request form posted on the CM webpage to request the processing of an Internship Evaluation Form.
  3. The CM Department will send the Intern Evaluation Form to your employer.
  4. Once your employer submitted the Intern Evaluation Form, you can contact Dr. Eldin ( requesting to enroll in CNST3185.
  5. Deadlines: Your employer must submit the Evaluation Form no later than July 31 for fall semester enrollment and no later than December 31 for spring semester enrollment.

Is there anything I should do during my internship time?

Please read CNST 3185 syllabus before you start the internship to understand the course deliverables. The deliverables include description of the employers’ organization, projects on which you worked, your daily responsibilities, an issue related to safety, and an issue related to ethics. You are also required to include some supporting documents (e.g., sketches, drawings, charts, photos, etc.) to substantiate your learning experience. All the above could be easily collected during the internship. Reconstructing the data/information is more difficult after you have completed the work.

Is it possible to work for an employer not listed on the CM webpage?

To protect the best interest of our students and the quality of the training received, the CM Department strictly applies the following rules when evaluating additional employers:

  1. The employer must be a large general contractor, owner organization, or CM firm.
  2. The employer must be accustomed to major commercial, industrial, or infrastructure projects. Employers in other sectors of the industry are not qualified to apply for evaluation.
  3. For a qualified employer, the CM Department will arrange an interview session upon the receipt of the employer’s request for evaluation.
  4. Based on the CM Department positive recommendation, the employer will be requested to sign the UH internship agreement to confirm the duties assigned to the intern. The Internship Agreement includes fees to be paid by the employer.
  5. The employer must be approved by the CM Department prior to extending an internship to our students.
  6. The CM Department reserves the right to disapprove any employer with/without reasons.

Important Note: Experience in residential construction, specialty work, drafting, surveying, technicians work, sales, clerical, and any other work that is not typical to CM do not fulfill the CM degree requirements.