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Request a Room

Check for Room Availability in One of Our Buildings


College of Technology student organizations and faculty may reserve rooms by sending an email to Organizations outside the College of Technology must submit a request that names the organization requesting and the reason for the request to Instructions are given below. After you request a room, an email will be sent to the party in charge of the room that you are requesting, and you should receive and email back in a short time following your request. Because university classes have priority on classrooms, reservations for rooms will be processed for a semester after the first week of classes.

How to Request a Room Reservation

To view the room availability, visit the online room scheduler. A new browser window should pop up with our room scheduling system. Click on the top menu item that says "Calendar". Then click on the time slot that you wish to use for the room that you wish to use, fill in the form and click the button that says "Email Request". When reserving a room, you must supply the following information:

  • Specific Date or range of dates (ex: January first or sometime the first week of January)
  • Time or range of times (ex: from 2-4 or in the morning)
  • If the space is needed for multiple days (ex: Monday through Thursday or every Monday in month of January)
  • If it is for multiple days, will there be equipment left in the rooms that would preclude other groups from using that room? Yes or No
  • Requesting special location (ex: Need room in Cameron Building or room can be in T1 or T2)
  • Requesting a room that meets these qualifications:
    • Number of seats
    • Instructor computer
    • Student computers
    • LAN connections
    • Projector
    • Food is allowed
    • Other needs- be specific
  • Requesting a specific room (ex: room 201 T2)

When you request a room, please give your contact information. If you are requesting on behalf of someone else, give us their contact information including phone and email address so we can contact them if we need to make a change to the room.

If you are requesting a change a previous reservation, please indicate that in the contact, for example "please change the date of my room request from January 1 to January 8."

You will receive an email confirmation of the date, time and location of your room reservation.