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Graduate Employment Survey Form

We appreciate your filling out as much information as possible on this form. At the minimum, if you could fill out your name, graduate degree program, employment status, and company and salary (if applicable), then this will greatly help us in providing information that will be useful to our future students. Your name will never be used in any information that is made public, but by filling out this form, you agree that the College of Technology can use the other information for public statistical and informational purposes. When you have completed the form, please scroll to the bottom of the page to click the Submit Form button. Thank you for your time.

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Less than 1 year of full-time work experience
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 I was actively looking for a new position and have accepted an offer. (please continue with the survey below)
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 I am still actively seeking employment.

Please call University Careers Services at 713-743-5100 or at to assist in your job search.

**The information you supplied to us is confidential. This survey will be used to improve and promote the College of Technology.

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