College of Technology Scholarships

Scholarships for College of Technology Students

The College of Technology awards scholarships to students each academic year. The college awards scholarship money based on a number of factors including major, merit, need and leadership.

The application for scholarships to be awarded for the Fall 2014 - Spring 2015 school year is currently available with a deadline of Friday, April 18, 2014. All scholarships:

  1. Are for College of Technology declared majors (see criteria in table below).
  2. Require a COT Application

The deadline for the Fall 2014 - Spring 2015 academic year is Friday, April 18, 2014. Applications must be received via e-mail submission to or in the Academic Services Center, room 108 T1 by 5:00 PM on Friday, April 18, 2014.

Scholarship amounts are subject to change. Additional awards may be added at a later date.

Current scholarships include:

Scholarship NameCriterionAmount Awarded
Ted R. Akin Endowed Scholarship Leadership, full-time undergraduate or graduate student. 1 award @ $600
American Society for Quality (ASQ) Greater Houston Chapter Scholarship Good academic standing, completion of a COT course in quality control, quality management and/or reliability analysis; interest in quality control and management, member of UH ASQ chapter. Multiple awards @ $1,000 each
Anthis Callicut-Gore Endowed Scholarship in Home Economics Major in Retailing and Consumer Sciences. Selected on basis of need and scholastic standing. Multiple awards totaling $6,000
Association of Well Head Equipment Manufacturing Scholarship Endowment MEET major taking courses in petroleum engineering technology; full-time undergrad or grad student; good academic standing; must attend fall AWHEM meeting date TBD. 1 award @ $1,400
Bay Area Purchasing Scholarship Full-time Supply Chain and Logistics Technology student interested in purchasing. 3.0 GPA required. Must attend Bay Area Purchasing Management Association meeting TBD. Multiple awards totaling $9,000
College of Technology General Scholarship Fund Additional funds from many sources and various criteria. Multiple awards totaling $23,000
R.P. Doss/Houston Contractors Association Junior or senior full-time student. Construction Management major from the greater Houston metro area; financial need; upper half of college. 1 award @ $700
William and Florence Fitzgibbon Memorial Scholarship Based upon academic merit. 1 award @ $3,000
William R. "Doc" Forkner Memorial Interested in teaching Industrial Technology; exhibits leadership qualities; enrolled in Technology Leadership and Supervision. 1 award @ $350
Barbara and Paul Frison Scholarship CIS major; 3.0 GPA; full-time students with financial need. Varied awards
Kay Hamilton Futures Studies Major in Foresight; demonstrated financial need and academic merit. Multiple awards totaling $4,500
HOAR Scholarship Undergraduate CM major; full-time; US citizen or permanent resident, preference for Texas resident, 3.0 GPA minimum. 1 award @ $1,000
James & Shirley Lofstrom Scholarship Junior Supply Chain and Logistics Technology major with at least a 3.0 GPA. 2 awards @ $750 each
Logistical Advantage Scholarship Major in Supply Chain and Logistics Technology with a 3.0 GPA. Multiple awards totaling $5,500
Merchandising Star Award Junior, senior or graduate student Retailing and Consumer Sciences major; leadership in the merchandising and retailing field; essay as indicated in application; interview with HDCS faculty; academic merit; must attend the Merchandising Star Award luncheon to accept award. Multiple awards @ $1,000 each
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mullineaux Scholarship Financial need, first generation; graduated from a greater Houston area high school. 3 awards @ $4,000 each
Charlie Nicholson Memorial Construction Management major and ABC Student Chapter member. 1 award @ $1,000
William R. Schmidt Memorial Scholarship Preference given to EPET majors; FT undergraduate; in good academic standing. 1 award @ $1,000
Paul G. Smith, Jr. Scholarship Endowment Leadership and financial need; full-time undergraduate or graduate student. Multiple awards totaling $11,000
Mathew P. and Leslie Watford Verghese Endowed Scholarship Leadership, full-time undergraduate or graduate student. 1 award @ $1,000