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The Student Society of Human Resource Development (SSHRD) is a society created by the students for the students. Here we explore opportunities to come closer and get organized as a formal forum of students with a common interest, which is Human Resource Development. SSHRD is proud to be associated with the American Society of Training and Development. As members of SSHRD we can expect opportunities in the areas of professional and academic development.

Note to Employers: To verify active memberships, please email our officers at!

Professional and Academic Opportunities

  • Receive updates regarding available internships and job opportunities via e-mail, Facebook, and website
  • Share and expand knowledge on various HRD topics, personal and professional experience with other SSHRD members
  • Networking opportunities with HRD Faculty, Staff, Board Members, and Alumni Human Resource Development
  • Establish business contacts with the help of SSHRD and ASTD Houston Partnership