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Sponsored Projects

  • NSF CC-NIE: Create a network debugging method and implement on UH network infrastructure. Connect UH and Rice to the 100 Gbps Internet2 AL2S.
  • Infoblox Inc: Investigation of programmable networking applications on GENI infrastructure
  • GENI (NSF-BBN): Use GENI as a research and development lab with industry partners such as vArmour Networks, Dell, and Infoblox.
  • LEARN: Programmable measurements and integration of Texas regional networks with GENI infrastructure.
  • GIMI (subcontract - NSF-BBN): GENI instrumentation and measurement infrastructure
  • Dell: Split data plane switch architecture.
  • vArmour
  • University of Houston - Public Safety, IT, Facilities on emergency management portal and an incident heat map.
  • Smart Grid Workforce Development (Department of Energy): Design of graduate level programs to answer the needs of emerging smart grid deployments.