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Simulation of a ping attack and detection based on measurements through labwiki.

Simulation of Ping Attack on GIMI

We demonstrated "ping attack detection" through measurements enabled by the GENI Instrumentation and Measurement Infrastructure (GIMI) at GEC17 demo session.

Application traffic steering away from the firewall has been realized on GENI platform.

SDSec - Intelligent DPI with App Steering

We demonstrated how to realize software-defined security through a distributed firewall deployment on GENI in multiple demonstration sessions. This was a collaboration with the vArmour Networks, Inc. At GEC17 demo session, we have examined and reported on how such a foreign virtual appliance may be deployed on GENI.

Integration of a foreign virtual appliance into GENI platform and enabling experimentation on distributed security.

Distributed Software Defined Security [SDSec] for SDN

The deployment of the virtual appliance started during the GEC16 demo session with considerations on GENI control frameworks. The distributed software-defined security solution can be applied to realize a science DMZ with traffic steering to bypass firewall in a dynamic fashion.

We measured the time it takes to steer application traffic away from a firewall to bypass firewall DPI to save processing needs.

How long does it take to steer traffic away from firewall?

However, the time to steer traffic away from the firewall is critical in justification of deployment of such a solution. We have demonstrated real-time measurement of delay elements during the traffic steering scenario at the GEC18 demo session