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Network Management

Visualization of the management plane parameters of OpenFlow protocol.

OF-Config Protocol: Visualization of the Management Plane in OpenFlow/SDN Network

We have been contributing to the knowledge base about the management plane issues in software-defined networks, particularly, how management plane parameters for OpenFlow-capable switches may be represented, monitored, and configured.

An OpenFlow Configuration Specification has been released by the Open Networking Foundation to address such considerations. We demonstrated the implementation of OFConfig on GENI at the GEC17 demo session as a management plane within the GENI framework.

Implementation of translation of management plane parameters retrieved through OVSDB into OFConfig specification.

OpenFlow Configuration (OFConfig) Protocol: Implementation for the OF Management Plane

We have demonstrated OpenFlow Configuration Specification implemented and deployed on OpenvSwitch (OVS) with a translator for OVSDB on GENI during the GEC16 demo session. We had dynamically changed the controller assignment of the switch during a failover scenario through the management plane functions.