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GENI Infrastructure Creation

In collaboration with BEN and IMF projects in GENI, we integrated measurements of the optical layer.

Demonstration of Cross-Layer Optimized Digital Media Streaming Enabled by the Integrated Measurement Framework (IMF)

We have demonstrated our efforts through deliverables at GEC11 demo session, GEC12 demo session, and GEC13 demo session. The offering of Texas-based networking resources and measurements of optical layer in the GENI infrastructure has been started with GEC8 demo session.

VLAN translation points and their coordination between different transport entities were presented.

Integration of GENI-ORCA with LEARN by Provisional VLANs over BEN, NLR, and LEARN

We collaborated with RENCI-BEN and Colunbia University and participated in the integration of optical layer measurements into path setup decision processes.

LEARN project completed VLAN translation point configurations by GEC11.

We have gradually integrated Texas networking resources into the GENI infrastructure by identifying and configuring the VLAN translation points in touching points of network resource providers.