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Emergency Management on University Campuses

Emergency Management on University Campuses
On-demand network programming during emergencies for video transmission path setup.

Emergency Management: Interoperable Data Exchange and Dynamic Network Setup

The interoperable data exchange becomes crucial during emergency events when disparate systems start providing information and network needs to be programmed to enable high-speed links for high definition video feeds from the incident sites. We demonstrated network programming on demand using the OpenFlow protocol during the GEC15 demo session.

This project evolved into creation of an emergency management portal (EMP) at the University of Houston campus so that emergency and public safety personnel may utilize all enterprise systems as a sensing platform on happenings around the campus. In this fashion, all alerts, events, and notifications from enterprise software systems would feed into the EMP to create an emergency management heat map that creates a visualization of the multiple system failure points to better direct the decision processes in the campus public safety.