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Dell Split Data Plane

Integration with GENI of the SDP platform.

SDN Innovation Platform on GENI

We have been collaborating with Dell on a new "SDN Innovation Framework" based on the split data plane (SDP) concept through demonstrations of the SDP features during GENI conferences.

One such demo was at the GEC17 demo session on the basic "Hello World" application running on the SDP switch.

A “Hello world” application hosted on SDP.

SDN Innovation Platform

Different applications can be hosted on the SDP switch as presented in the GEC16 demo session.

Integration of SDP demonstrated on GENI platform.

SDP-Network Processing Unit (NPU) on ExoGENI

We have been working on integration of the SDP switch into GENI infrastructure to enable experiments with flow manipulations on the path of the flow rather than at end points. One demo of integration efforts has been during theGEC18 demo session.

SDP integration with automation in ExoGENI.

Network Processing Unit (NPU) and ExoGENI

We have been progressing in the integration of SDP with a power distribution unit (PDU) integration with hard reset capability as demonstrated and proposed during the GEC19 demo session.

Integrated one SDP unit into GENI infrastructure for experimenter use through ExoGENI rack at UH.

Split Data Plane Switches on GENI

The SDP integration work continued on with the demo and announcement of one integrated split data plane module in ExoGENI rack during GEC20 demo session.