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Interoperable Data Exchange using IF-MAP

IF-MAP enables pub/sub architecture: experimenter's research data, a researcher's interest-based subscription, and operator's sharing policy setup. All possible with run-time schema updates.

Standards-based Registry Service for GENI

We demonstrated the GENI Measurement Data Object Descriptor (MDOD) implementation using IF-MAP with a dynamic schema updates and publish/subscribe paradigm during the GEC12 demo session. We have further put such a registry service into practice and run an actual experiment to measure basic packet loss rate while IF-MAP based architecture took care of the publishing of data by experimenter setup, subscription by researchers, and schema updates by the operators during the GEC14 demo session.

Measurement exchange on GENI platform.

Measurement Metadata Exchange in an ORCA Slice

After demonstration of IF-MAP as an interoperable data exchange mechanism, we have implemented a live data exchange experiment on GENI platform where an experimenter would publish measurements while a researcher would be subscribed to results and at the same time, an operator would change the sharing policy through metadata setup at run time.