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Software Defined Networking Lab (SDN)

This is an applied research laboratory in the Department of Engineering Technology. Our research is on distributed systems interconnecting networked applications. We implement novel experimentation modules to provide observation-based teaching modules in computer networking, more information is posted as open source documentation:

Some of our ongoing work includes:

Measurement platform for GENI. Infrastructure and testbed connectivity (GENI LEARN project) that brings resources from LEARN/Texas institutions to GENI.

Software-defined networking applications. Collaborating with vArmour on distributed software-defined security solution. Collaborating with Dell on split data plane innovation platform. Collaboration with Infoblox on novel virtual switch implementations (LINC) and their implications in addition to management plane using OFConfig standard. Also, collaborating with Cavium Networks on the network processing units for enhanced manipulation of flows.

Novel protocols such as IF-MAP (interface for metadata exchange protocol) to enable flexible and effective communication and data exchange between disparate data sources.

Infrastructure development in metro scale to enable novel protocol design and testing through I2 DYNES, GENI, and I2 AL2S.