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Society for Biological Engineering

Society for Biological Engineering

What is UH SBE?

The Society for Biological Engineering at the University of Houston is the newest student organization on campus that caters to young professionals aspiring to enter the field of biological engineering. We devote our efforts to integrating our members with industries that can benefit from the knowledge and skill-set of an engineer, technologist, and biologist combined. Though our roots run with biotechnology, we welcome students of other disciplines. We hold several events throughout the year and invite guest speakers to introduce our fellow students to what being a leader in science today truly entails.

Benefits of Joining SBE

  • Fellowship among bioengineering students
  • Networking opportunities with professionals in bioengineering
  • Job Recruitment Meetings
  • Volunteering Opportunities
  • Tutoring/Workshops

National Benefits

  • Reduced Conference Prices
  • Webinars
  • Free Access to Scientific Publications and Journals
  • Student Awards

Become a member today!

Interested in joining UH SBE? A year-long membership costs $25, which includes a free t-shirt, and a semester-long membership costs $15. You may pay by credit card or submit cash or a check (made payable to University of Houston Society for Biological Engineering) to our office in room T-120C.