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Original Work

Original work has been made possible by the efforts of Randall Direen and Ed McKenna during the creation of the initial labs and video of labs at the University of Colorado; Deniz Gurkan and Driss Benhaddou during the remote access lab development at the University of Houston.

Continuing Work

Continuing work is among the collaborators Alan Mickelson (UC-B), Driss Benhaddou, Deniz Gurkan (both at UH), and Zhongqi Pan (UL-L).

Contributing Work

Work during summer 2006 was made possible by Sam Barkat, Andy Lin, Ed McKenna, Ideen Taeb and Alex Waskiewicz of the Guided Wave Optics Labs (GWOL) of the University of Colorado Boulder (UCB). Also, the course web site, modular remote access mechanisms, and publications were made possible by Travis Riley, Richard Franzl, and Deniz Gurkan of the University of Houston.

Technical Assistance

Technical (video) assistant funding was provided by Dale Hinckley and Mario Vidalon of the Center for Advanced Engineering and Technical Education of University of Colorado Boulder.


Funding for the project has been provided by the The National Academy for Engineering (NAE) (through Frank Barnes and his Gordon Prize) and The National Science Foundation (through a CCLI grant - DUE-536823).

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