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Best Practices

Beginning of Semester Checklist

The semester checklist walks you through everything you need to take care of at the beginning of each semester or term. Please read through each checklist item.

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Accessible Syllabus Template and Instructions

The syllabus template is created in Word and structured so that it is fully accessible when saved to a PDF. This template is designed so that instructors could easily insert their information and be assured that their syllabus meets accessibility requirements. To ensure that your students have actually read your syllabus, consider giving them a syllabus quiz.

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Course materials posted online are subject to copyright law, even if they are posted in a password-restricted system such as Blackboard. Know your Copyright. Resources for faculty and teaching assistants in higher education.

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Designing Your Online Course

With distance and online learning becoming common in higher education, the need for faculty to be able to create quality online courses is greater than ever. Are you looking for resources that provide you with guidelines on how to create an online course? are you trying to incorporate some best practices in your online Teaching? and are you wondering if there is a rubric you could use to assess the quality of your online course?

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