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Giving to Cougars For Kids

Donations to Cougars for Kids can be made online through the University of Houston's Online Giving website.

How to make your gift:

  1. Select the "Colleges and Programs" tab:
    select the Colleges and Programs tab
  2. In the dropdown box labeled "Select school, unit, or program:", choose "College of Technology":
    choose College of Technology
  3. In the second dropdown box labeled "Select a department:", choose "College of Technology: Other":
    choose College of Technology: Other
  4. In the third dropdown box labeled "Select a designation:", choose "Cougar for Kids-HC41347RN" and in the box next to it, enter the amount you would like to donate:
    choose Cougar for Kids-HC41347RN and enter the amount you would like to donate
  5. Click the button that reads "+ Add Gift" to review your donation:
    click the button that reads add gift to review your donation
  6. Select the desired frequency for your gift. (Note: If you opt to make a recurring gift, you will be prompted to provide a start date and an end date.):
    select the desired frequency for your gift
  7. Finally, click the button that reads, "Next" to provide your billing information and complete the transaction online.

Thank you for support of this great program!

For futher information, please contact Ms. Margarita Pérez Frinsco:

Margarita Pérez Frinsco
Director of Advancement
UH College of Technology
T2 Room 368
Phone: 713-743-2334