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Get Started

Getting Started - 4 Easy Steps

The process is very simple! Here's all you need to do to become a Cougars for Kids Volunteer:

  1. Attend one of the on campus orientations and get the information you need to begin volunteering.
  2. Fill out either the School Indemnification OR Hospital Indemnification.
  3. Fill out the Join Now form.
  4. Select the location of your choice from the Location page, and then contact them to make a reservation to attend one of their volunteer orientation sessions. Please make sure they know you are with Cougars for Kids (write it down on your application). You must comply with requirements for volunteers for the location you choose.

If you have any questions regarding registration or what to do next, please contact us at

Once you have completed the required steps as specified by Cougars for Kids, the hospital or school, you are actively volunteering at a location, AND have completed a minimum of 10 hours, you are eligible to receive your Cougars for Kids red T-Shirt to wear around the UH campus and during your volunteer service.

You are NOT an official member of Cougars for Kids until you are volunteering at a school or hospital and your hours have been reported. Report hours monthly to Be sure to include your name, the place you are volunteering, what dates it covers, and the number of hours volunteered.

Thanks for your "volunteer spirit" and being part of this great volunteer service program.

Dr. Jerry S. Evans
Instructional Professor, ILT
University of Houston, College of Technology
Director, Cougars for Kids