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PLS Module Objective Lean Logistics and Supply Chain Strategy

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PLS Course Objectives

PLS training topics include issues confronting supply chain managers around the globe: competitive strategy, customer value and service, logistics costs and performance, responsiveness, lead-time management, collaboration across multiple enterprises, globalization, risk management, integration of supply chain processes and transforming the logistics organization.

The objectives of the PLS course includes imparting an understanding of the:

  • Supply Chain concept;
  • Approaches employed to obtain competitive advantage through supply chain management;
  • Techniques employed to improve the performance and efficiency of supply chains;
  • Effect of interdependent activities and firms on overall performance and behavior;
  • Approaches for measuring performance in the supply chain;
  • Different inventory management approaches employed in the supply chain;
  • An understanding of the trade-offs made in managing supply chain activities;
  • Issues involved in managing supply chain processes;
  • Role of logistics management and its effect on supply chain performance.
  • Strategies for managing the supply chain

PLS Course Content

Logistics & Competitive Strategy

SCM vs. Logistics; Competitive advantage; Supply Chain vs. Value Chain; Mission of Logistics Management; Supply Chain & Competitive Performance; Competitive Environment

Logistics & Customer Value

Marketing-Logistics Interface; Delivering Customer Value; Customer Service defined; Impact of Stock outs; Customer Service-Customer retention; Market-Driven Supply Chains; Customer Service Objectives; Customer Service Priorities; Service Standards

Logistics Cost & Performance

Logistics & Profitability; Logistics & Shareholder Value; Logistics Cost Analysis; Total Cost Analysis; Logistics Costing; Customer Profitability; Product Profitability; Activity based costing

Creating the Responsible Supply Chain

Push-Pull Supply Chains; JIT; Agility; Responsiveness

Strategic Lead-Time Management

Time-Based Competitio; Lead Time; “Pipeline” Management; Lead Time Gap

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