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About Us

The Center for Logistics and Transportation Policy can provide a forum for public and private sectors to collaborate to help policy makers and academics identify solutions to our transportation and industry infrastructure, safety, security, quality and environmental problems. Working with existing organizations, we can provide input and research to find working solutions.

Using our Logistics Lab, researchers in the University of Houston System and from other institutions will participate in ongoing research in the areas of logistics management, international trade, and transportation technology, among others. The CLTP will also develop and leverage its expertise and track record for continually attracting research funding from both public and private sources.

The CLTP developed an array of training and educational programs that cover several areas related to transportation and logistics, including international logistics, supply chain processes, and general business practices. These programs are offered through in-house training and seminars.


CLTP partners consist of business executives, third-party logistics individuals, educators, students, and expert consultants that are dedicated to continuing education and raising the professional standards in the Supply Chain and Logistics industry. Together, the network of members offers a certification career pathway and “stackable” credentials helping individuals to achieve ever-higher levels of professionalism and responsibility.

Professor Maria G. Burns
Director, Center for Logistics & Transportation Policy
College of Technology | University of Houston
Office #375 | Tech 2 Bldg
4800 Calhoun, Houston | TX 77204-4023
Tel: 713-743-1194 | |