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After a successful transformation of our Industrial Distribution degree to Supply Chain and Logistics, we were ready for the next step. A center would advance our research and also provide a source for outreach to the community. In 2007, we had a chance to achieve our goal of creating a center when alumni of the program provided funding for a center. After evaluating our options, it was decided to create a Center for Logistics and Transportation Policy in the College of Technology at the University of Houston to assist providers, users, and regulators in developing detailed and integrated solution to the many issues that impact the transport of goods, services, and people. A lab was created for meetings and industry classes.

The broad purpose of the CLTP is to bring together public and private sector transportation experts, professionals, and policy makers to collaboratively pursue and advocate public and private transportation policies, programs and events that support research in the areas of transportation, infrastructure and logistics operations. Our strong Advisory Board consists of these individuals.

The need for additional training for the public and private workforce became obvious to the Center and to business. To fulfill this need, a comprehensive continuing education program was developed. This has been our greatest outreach source.

A subset of the Center is the Southwestern Alliance for Logistics Programs and Educational Development. This is an alliance of schools that offer supply chain, logistics, international business, and maritime programs. They meet on a regular basis to discuss items of interest that will benefit all the programs.

The Center continues to be an asset to the College and to the University.