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Global Outreach

International Logistics Certificate Training in Johannesburg, South Africa

ENRC Africa employees from several countries in Africa came together July 26-30, 2010 to attend courses to fulfill the requirements for the International Logistics Certificate issues by the Center for Logistics and Transportation Policy. Professors Elizabeth Wetzel and Dan Cassler traveled to Johannesburg for the group sessions.

Some of the comments made by the students:

Elize Jacobs, ENRC Africa Contracts Manager, "Really helpful information which can be used. New learning curves were reached..." Berti Moreira, Sabot Trucking headquarters, Zimbabwe, "[The Courses] refreshed my memory and knowledge on a variety of matters."

PANGEA - The Houston Supply Chain and Logistics Institute forms alliance with the University of Houston's College of Technology - Center for Logistics and Transportation Policy, integrating system to capture training opportunities in Brazil

HOUSTON, TX, July 05, 2010 - PANGEA - The Houston Supply Chain and Logistics Institute (PANGEA) today announced it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Houston's College of Technology - Center for Logistics and Transportation Policy. The purpose of the center is to address the challenges of applied research, policy issues and workforce training for current and future employees in the field of logistics and transportation. The University of Houston and PANGEA are both headquartered in Houston, Texas.

The alliance will enhance PANGEA's training offering, and help that non-profit entity bring to market training programs for the Energy Industry in Brazil, enabling it to meet emerging customer requirements in that market. "We are delighted to welcome the University of Houston to PANGEA and our training partners" said Fabiana Borsari, PANGEA's Executive Director. "This alliance is an integral component of PANGEA's training strategy and provides us with technology to help build a solid foundation for the development of solution-focused programs."

""As the global technological landscape becomes more complex, our customers need to identify new ways to manage global supply chain challenges. The increasing demands of global sourcing, e-procurement, and effective communications, as well as the best practices throughout the industry, regulatory and environmental issues are driving the sales of our programs", said Elizabeth Wetzel, Managing Director at the University of Houston's Center for Logistics and Transportation Policy. "We are pleased to team with PANGEA, combining technologies, services and expertise that will enable us to develop more robust programs for current and future customers." The alliance is expected to go into effect immediately, subject to customary formalizing conditions, including designing a curriculum of courses with potential end users.

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