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Developing a Platform for Education and Research Collaboration (PERC)


The research module created for the new biotechnology labs conducted by students in the biotechnology program is providing valuable data on pesticide degrading activity year after year. We have developed an electronic lab note book, where every student who conducts this activity will provide information on the location of this activity. The project will eventually generate a data base of pesticide degrading activity. Since pesticides are used worldwide, I plan to collaborate with other institutions both regionally, nationally and globally to provide a Platform for Education and Research Collaboration (PERC) to connect faculty across cultures and geographical distribution. The following manuscript recently accepted by the Technology Interface International Journal is representative of my work in this area.

Iyer, R.S. and Kudrle, B. "Implementation of an Electronic Lab Notebook to Integrate Research and Education in Biotechnology Program." Technology Interface International Journal, Accepted for publication.