About the Show

One story. Five Genres. After becoming infamous through an online dating video Sean Ashouri finds his life taking unexplainable turns when he begins dating Autumn. He'll face romantic troubles, syndicate godfathers, psychotic killers, vicious mercenaries, and time traveling enforcers in this five part mini-series to stay with the one he.... maybe... possibly... loves?

Cast & Crew

  • Sean Ashouri as Sean Asher
  • Krystal Mogo as Autumn Summers
  • Isaiah Peña as Wiz
  • Kevin Aquino as Evi
  • Rashad Eaglin as Rashad
  • Yosely Ruiz as Betsy
  • Ricardo Castillo as Daven

  • Executive Producer, Writer and Director: Kevin Aquino
  • Executive Producer and Co-Producer: Vinson Valdez
  • Assistant Producer: Dot Behrens
  • Writer/Director/Camera: Isaiah Peña
  • Assistant Director: Ayrton Briceno
  • 2nd Unit Director/Camera: Sasha Rodriguez
  • Director of Photography: Ky Nguyen
  • Camera Operators: Viet Le, Jacelyn Wei, Miranda Bayne, Christian Puente
  • Writers: Jennifer Blanco, Caroline Cao, Tori Glass, Rafael Avila, Jay Jerone
  • Costume: Black Cochran, Carmen Julian, Michael Aguilar
  • Lighting: Michael Aguilar
  • Audio: Rashad Eaglin, Michael Nguyen, Miranda Bayne
  • Editing: Vicky Hernadez
  • Score: Isaiah Peña and Viet Le

About the Producer

Producer Kevin Aquino

Kevin Aquino started creating “films” at the age of 9 with his parents' camcorder and his lego mini-figs as his “actors.” He would eventually go on to produce and direct commercials as well as short films in high school through his Junior and Senior year. This gained him recognition from Toyota Center's Video Production team as well as the School District in helping create educational videos. Now a Media Production Major at the Jack J. Valenti School of Communications as well as the Studio Manager of Student Video Network, Aquino has gone on to direct short films and commercials. His latest endeavor is the role of Producer for Sline-heightean Anthology, better known as [SE]ANthology.


Airtime: TBD