On Campus

Cable: Channel 6
AT&T Uverse 6001
IPTV: Channel 6

About Us

Student Video Network (SVN) at the University of Houston is a student-run television station and one of the seven fee-funded organizations within the Center of Student Involvement. SVN provides students the unique opportunity to develop television shows, commercials, and special features for the small screen, experiencing the entire process from inception to air.

SVN strives to maintain and develop a nationally recognized and prestigious organization, which provides University of Houston students the opportunity to immerse themselves within a active media production environment. Members air original student created programming as well as recent blockbuster movies for the entertainment of campus residents and non–residents alike.

Participation is open to all currently enrolled students of the University of Houston. Communication students are preferred, but there are positions available for a variety of majors including public relations, technology, accounting, and management. Interviews and/or training may be required before appointment.

Our mission is to:

  1. To inform, educate, and entertain University residents and non–residents by creating and providing original student programming.
  2. To act as a source of connection, training, and networking for students, University, and greater Houston community.
  3. To provide opportunities for involvement to all students.
  4. To develop students into student leaders.