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Parking Information

Parking Permits at Sugar Land

Parking and Transportation held a town hall to discuss future parking plans and new plans for fall 2019 with the campus community. For details about the town hall, please see the town hall presentation or view the recordings below.


  • The annual price of a parking permit will be $285, prorated weekly for purchases and returns.
  • Permits will be available for sale April 16 for faculty, staff and students. They can be purchased through myParkingAccount via AccessUH.
  • Permits will be mailed to the address selected and may be purchased through Visa/MasterCard, fee bill (students) or payroll deductions (faculty/staff).
    • Payroll deductions for facutly/staff begin October 1. Payments are divided by the length of employee’s contract (9 or 12 months).
    • Credit card payments are processed immediately.
  • The UH at Sugar Land permits are valid at the Sugar Land campus and UH remote campus lots (Technology Bridge).
  • UH parking permits are permitted to park at UH at Sugar Land.

Town Hall Video Recordings

Parking Citations

Violators of the University's parking rules and regulations can receive citations. Habitual or flagrant disregard of the rules and regulations is grounds for suspension of campus parking privileges or stronger action by the University. Parking citation appeals must be received by Parking and Transportation Services within 21 calendar days of citation issuance. Appeals are filed online by logging into your parking account via AccessUH.

Parking at Smart Financial Centre

Faculty, staff and students from UH at Sugar Land and Wharton County Junior College may park their vehicles in a designated area at the Smart Financial Centre at Sugar Land, 18111 Lexington Blvd, across the street from our campus. The designated lots will be open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. All vehicles must vacate the parking area by 3 p.m. or risk being towed. All vehicles must display a parking permit. Drivers can access the lots from Lexington Blvd. and Taborwood Ave. on the far side of the Smart Financial Centre, then walk or take the shuttle to the campus. The regular campus shuttles will make the Smart Financial Centre part of their regular stops to and from the main campus.