Student Life Student Employee Program


Learning Outcomes

Customer Service Standard

Performance Evaluations
This form is to be used by all supervisors to evaluate the student employees work performance and growth.

Workshop Reflections
This form is to be used by student employees to document their experience after attending a workshop to fulfill each of the competency requirements.

Supervisor’s Reflection Rubric
This form is to be used by the supervisor to assess their student’s competency reflections.

Work Flow for Reflection Process

  1. Student completes web form for each workshop attended
  2. Form will be sent to Ja’Nelle and Lauren
  3. Ja’Nelle and Lauren will forward form to appropriate supervisor
  4. Supervisor will review the reflection utilizing the Reflection Rubric
  5. Supervisor will return the form back to Ja’Nelle and/or Lauren and credit will be assigned to student
  6. Students will be able to track progress through Get Involved